Specialising In The Construction &  Sealing Of Dams, Ponds And Streams

Dam Sealers is a South African supplier and installer of high-quality Sodium Bentonite Clay.

Bentonite, often called “The Miracle Clay” is a pure, organic, natural product mined and produced in South Africa that has a wide range of uses, however here we will focus on using it mainly for the sealing of dams, ponds, streams, and other waterways.

An on-site consultation will be a great investment of your time and money in understanding the pros and cons of sealing your dam, pond or streams with bentonite. We will spend as much time as you need to walk you through the design & construction process, giving you our professional insight from having constructed and sealed thousands of square meters.

At the end of this consultation and at your request, we will prepare a detailed quote giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your project, on approval we will review available dates for your project and when you are ready, sign a contract to begin development on your future waterscape.


noun: a landscape in which an expanse of water is a dominant feature.

We Love Planning, Designing, Constructing And Sealing Dams, Ponds And Streams

Being passionate about constructing and sealing dams, ponds, and streams, our team of skilled contractors naturally approach all projects in a professional and highly skilled manner.

Whether you are looking to seal a large dam of a few thousand square meters, a small farm earth dam, a beautiful natural pond or a stunning natural stream with waterfalls and creeks – we want the opportunity to work with you.

We know you’ll like what we do as we specialise in constructing a wide variety of ecologically friendly, low maintenance dams, ponds, and streams, providing waterscapes that provide years of natural beauty and enjoyment.

All our projects are integrated with our teams strong belief in permaculture and aquaculture principles.

We seal any size dam, no project is too big or too small for us

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What is Sodium Bentonite

What is Sodium Bentonite

Sodium Bentonite is a very versatile material that can be used effectively in many different environments. Sodium Bentonite is eco-friendly, and being a clay is harmless to animals and fish

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Using Sodium Bentonite To Seal Earth Dams, Ponds & Streams

Using Sodium Bentonite To Seal Earth Dams, Ponds & Streams

Sodium bentonite clay has been successfully used as a sealant for earth dams where the soil is of a permeable nature and where less than optimum compaction can be achieved. It is extremely important that the bentonite clay is incorporated and compacted correctly as less than satisfactory results may be obtained if attention is not given to the application process.

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Sodium Bentonite Clay – The Basics

Sodium Bentonite Clay – The Basics

Sodium Bentonite clay swells up to eighteen times its dry size when it comes into contact with water. Expanded bentonite forms an impermeable seal which makes for an excellent dam sealant. When Bentonite is applied correctly it will be environmentally safe and does not affect the water or harm fish, livestock, or wildlife.

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